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David Chivers Company: Dow Jones & Co. Location: Princeton, N.J.
Title: VP-Factiva products
Big move: Former executive director of takes the helm of the Factiva portfolio as Dow Jones increases investment in it.
Core responsibilities: Chivers will focus on strategy, development and management of Factiva and the Wall Street Journal Professional Edition.

Dow Jones & Co. tapped David Chivers to head its Factiva portfolio in July, tasking the former executive director of with evolving the line of business information and research tools.

“We have a leading position in the marketplace among information professionals and researchers,” Chivers said. “We're going to leverage that, and continue to deliver enhancements and increase value to that core group of people.”

Chivers steps into the role of VP-Factiva products as the company invests more in the brand. He is responsible for growing the line of information management tools, as well as the Wall Street Journal Professional Edition.

“We have an eight-figure investment this year,” Chivers said. “This is a sizable increase—the largest single investment that we've had in several years.”

Subscriber feedback is guiding that investment, he said. The company is developing product enhancements, including the cultivation of new resources and the ability to more deeply integrate its tools into clients' Web environments.

Innovation in the area that Chivers dubbed “core Factiva” is paramount.

“We're really focused on platform improvements,” he said. “The largest part of the investment is geared toward improving our core capabilities around search, metadata, alerting and then some general [user experience] improvements.”

Customers want access to search tools that better hone results, and Chivers' team is exploring concepts that could improve that focus.

Those enhancements, combined with developments in three areas, will better position the company for growth, Chivers said.

“We're looking at geographical expansion,” he said. “Then there are industries that we're looking at that are ripe for either more business for us or that we haven't played [in] much in the past. We're also looking at ways of creating differentiated value for different roles in the corporation.”

The company will expand its global footprint, strengthening coverage of the Americas and Asia, he said. It is in the process of identifying opportunities in new industries and increasing its ability to tailor content to match specific job roles within the industries it serves.

“We're really focusing on taking the resources that we have and using technology to deliver a crisp focus,” Chivers said.

Chivers has been building the Factiva team and defining the product roadmap. He is also exploring mobile options.

“We're hearing that people from within an organization are using different modes to access content,” he said. “Mobile is becoming increasingly important to our customers.”

But translating Factiva's sophistication to a mobile device will be challenging. “We're wrestling with that,” Chivers said. “We have mobile-optimized solutions today that deliver content, and we have some work to do around understanding how we translate the functionalities.”

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