Christine A. Jacobs

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Title: Director-marketing Company: IBM North America Years in current job: 4 IBM North America's Christine A. Jacobs sees her digital responsibilities as encompassing content, mobile and social marketing, all tied to rigorous conversion metrics. “We like to call content marketing "conversational marketing,' ” Jacobs said. “It's not just about pushing stuff out there but having a conversation with prospects in their journey.” She said this is enabled by progressive profiling based on customers' online behavior, rather than through a reliance on databases. “With our content, we're continuing to focus on traditional metrics but also outcome-oriented ones, making sure our content is aligned with conversions,” Jacobs said. The company has been able to double its conversion rate in some campaigns by using testimonials and other customer feedback, she said. Mobile is increasingly important to IBM, and Jacobs is working “to make everything we're doing optimized for mobile.” “The next level of mobile marketing is finding areas where it can be advantageous from a b-to-b perspective,” she said. “We're looking at integrating mobile into event marketing, for example, and also around campaigns that use mobile click-to-call for information about products. With mobile there is an opportunity to increase the value of our call centers.” Jacobs' team uses social media to gather information about top accounts and share it with sales. “We do a lot of social enablement and training, and help sales leadership set hard objectives here,” she said.
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