Clear communication critical to managing complex digital content

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Nick Elsener has more than 30 years of magazine production experience. He is currently VP-production at Hanley Wood and chairman of American Business Media's production and manufacturing technology committee. Media Business: What do you see as one of your biggest challenges right now? Nick Elsener: Managing the ever-changing landscape of our e-media transitions in publishing. Whether it's ads for the website, e-newsletters, tablets or mobile devices, all must be trafficked, usually via quick deadlines, then (quality assured) and properly placed. We find that many of our new ad campaigns are becoming infinitely more complicated, often involved with several print and digital products intertwined within one campaign, with multistep deadlines for each segment critical for the success of the whole campaign. This kind of complication and critical timing takes close coordination between our media entry team and our advertising operation's execution on what are sometimes brutal deadlines. MB: Is that constant change exciting at all? Elsener: E-media production is new and exciting; but when it comes to managing its ad work flows, there are few long-term legacy tools and processes to lean upon. With e-media, much of what is being done today has not been done for very long; and any standards, if they exist at all, are new. What process works today changes rapidly with the technology and is likely to mutate through several stages before being honed for maximum accuracy and efficiencies.
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