Click fraud of growing concern to search marketers

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Feb. 27 New York—Two click fraud-related announcements were made Monday at SES by companies who have designed solutions to help advertisers and search engine marketing companies deal with click fraud in search engine advertising.

Click Forensics launched Click Fraud Network to enable advertisers to monitor campaigns for potential pay-per-click fraud free of charge. ClickTracks, a Web analytics provider, announced it has added click fraud reporting to its Web analytics software. ClickTracks’ reporting has been simplified to help marketers better determine when click fraud has occurred. VP-Marketing Michael Stebbins said malevolence is not always at work. “It’s difficult to tell a poorly performing ad from fraud,” he said. Stebbins said ClickTracks’ approach to click fraud analysis entails highlighting statistical anomalies in campaign behavior. That helps marketers pinpoint whether to modify an ad because it may be poorly targeted.

—Carol Krol

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