Clickspeed gets good deal of attention with creative virtual booths

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“In a virtual trade show, there are pictures of booths so it looks like a bird's-eye view of an offline show. When you go into a booth, it's kind of like an interactive Web site. You go into enough of them, and they look the same. We've been to a lot of offline shows, and we've done things to help us stand out, including hiring a guy on stilts. We wanted to incorporate something like that. The first booth [created at virtual trade show eComXpo] was based on "The Wizard of Oz.' [Clickspeed Marketing affiliate network] Adplosion is personified as "the man behind the curtain.' Once you watch the initial video, you get in and learn more about the company. The [second booth with a spoofed "American Idol' introduction] was even more entertaining. That's why our booth got a good response. It was completely different from anything that anybody else had.” —RYAN ZIMMERMAN, director of alliance development, Clickspeed Marketing
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