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WhiteGlove House Call Health sends out medical care to its members 365 days a year between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. The company touts its service as a way to reduce employers' healthcare costs, which are becoming more burdensome—especially for small and midsize businesses. When WhiteGlove salespeople talk to CFOs about the service, however, the prospects are sometimes a little confused about how adding another service can lower their healthcare costs, said Michael Cohen, VP-marketing at WhiteGlove House Call Health. “They don't understand how the solution can take them where they need to go,” he said. Figuring that the best way to get CFOs to understand would be to let them hear from their peers, the company at the beginning of this year implemented a new video strategy. Previously, the company's videos featured company executives such as its CEO. Today, however, WhiteGlove goes out and interviews existing customers about the solution, asking them to explain in one-to-two minutes how the WhiteGlove House Call Health service helped them reduce their healthcare costs. “This is serving us from a credibility perspective and a reference check,” Cohen said. “We needed to focus on how we're helping companies with costs because that's where our prospects have been skeptical. So many vendors go in and tell them the same thing—that they can reduce costs—they are naturally skeptical.” The videos feature CFOs at client companies discussing how costs are reduced as well as how the service impacts productivity. Stories are very personal, with CFOs talking about how their employees are using the service to save time and get better healthcare rather than having to go to an emergency room or doctor's office. The company uses an outside agency—VideoPlus, Dallas—to handle the video recording and editing. “We wanted to make sure there was proper lighting and editing,” Cohen said. “We didn't want the files to be too big.” Using CFO videos in the sales process saves time and improves conversion rate, Cohen said. “The bottom line is the videos helped get deals over the line,” he said. “In our sales process, getting CFOs to trust us and accept that we are going to do what we are promising is much easier when they have peers telling them about their own experiences.” The approach helped the sales team close five deals last quarter, representing more than 5,000 new members.
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