CMO Council study finds gap between sales and marketing

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Palo Alto, Calif.—A qualitative study by the Chief Marketing Officer Council revealed several disconnects between sales and marketing organizations.

The study, called “Scenarios and Solutions: Mapping the Sales Effectiveness Traps and Gaps,” was based on in-person interviews with more than 100 global marketing and sales executives during a series of workshops this spring.

It found that most sales professionals view up to 90% of sales materials created by marketing as valueless. Also, the majority of marketers view most sales-created content as diluting their brands or inaccurately positioning products.

The study also found that sales and marketing professionals often do not share the same vocabulary.

For example, sales typically views a lead as a prospect who has expressed interest in a particular product, while marketing sees a lead as a contact who has downloaded a white paper from a Web site.

The study recommends best practices for sales and marketing professionals to help them bridge the gap. More information is available at

—Kate Maddox

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