CMO survey shows growing acceptance of custom content

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CMOs are growing more receptive to custom content marketing, according to a study released last month by the Custom Content Council.

The study, “CMOs' Attitudes Toward Custom Content,” was based on a phone survey of 100 CMOs conducted in January and February by RoperASW. The results were presented at the CCC's Custom Content Conference in Charleston, S.C.

The research showed that since 2006, when a similar survey was conducted, CMOs' receptivity to custom content and their perception of its value has gone up significantly.

“What we found is that all the good things we were looking for increased,” said Michael Winkleman, president-chief creative officer of Leverage Media, who presented the findings.

“Their spend-ing has changed. The marketing share within the budget has increased.”

The latest survey found 83% of CMOs are “very” or “somewhat” receptive to custom content. That compares with 67% in 2006.

This year's survey found 87% of CMOs view custom content as “very” or “somewhat” valuable, up from 72% in the previous study.

When asked if “custom content is the future of marketing,” 35% of this year's respondents said they “strongly agree,” up from 19%. Forty-seven percent strongly agreed it should be part of the marketing plan, up from 30%.

This year's survey turned up lower percentages for three areas of concern:

  • 54% said custom content was too expensive, down from 65% in 2006.
  • 83% expressed concern about measuring the ROI for custom content, down from 89%.
  • 46% said “convincing the company it's viable” is a concern, down from 58%.
  • In an interview after the presentation, Winkleman said, “More CMOs feel that custom content is the future of marketing, are putting a lot more of their dollars into custom content as a market share within the marketing budget, are diverting funds from traditional areas such as advertising into custom content and are using a wider array of tools—perhaps less print, because they're putting more dollars into custom content and social media, into blogs, white papers and a whole other range of custom content vehicles.”

    The CCC also released data on the 15 most frequently used types of custom content. Customized Web content/websites ranked highest, used by 86% of marketers surveyed, followed by e-newsletters (69%), print newsletters (58%), social media (57%), video (48%), conferences (45%), print magazines (41%), white papers (39%), advertorials (37%), webinars (36%), blogs (32%), mobile media (31%), webcasts/podcasts (28%), digital magazines (23%) and infomercials (9%).

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