CNN builds on trusted brand, affluent audience and mass reach

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Phone: (404) 827-1500 URL: Traffic: 37 million UMV* Ad revenue: N/A Ad rate: N/A *comScore Media Matrix CNN, the pioneer in cable news, is no longer No. 1 in that venue, but its reach has been incrementally bolstered through its online and mobile platforms. Greg D'Alba, president of CNN News Networks and Turner Digital Ad Sales and Marketing, said none of CNN's cable news competitors can match its reach across platforms: 108 million unique viewers. He said this number, which can be verified by Nielsen data, does not include CNN's Airport Network. “When you look at our overall reach—when you add in mobile apps and online—you're dealing with a huge audience that fits the C-suite target b-to-b advertisers are looking for,” D'Alba said. “CNN content is must-have content, and the advantage we have is that it gets to the consumer whenever and however they're consuming it.” Carl Fremont, exec VP-media at Digitas, said, “One of the biggest benefits of CNN is its brand and what it stands for. It stands for authenticity and quality in its coverage. That is an important factor in how we evaluate media.” Julia Mee, senior director, global advertising, media and sponsorships at Cisco Systems, said the company is “laser-focused on the C-suite,” adding, “CNN is one of our major partners for reaching that target audience.” Since users and advertisers have come to expect media brands to be fully integrated across platforms, CNN is working behind the scenes to make viewers' frequent transitions from TV to mobile to laptop appear more seamless. “We're working on synchronizing information so that the consumer stays engaged with our content wherever they may be,” D'Alba said. CNN is also better integrating content across brands, including two of sibling Time Inc.'s print properties, Fortune and Money. For example, CNN, Headline News, and participate in a weeklong series that coincides with the release of the annual Fortune 500 list. “It's a good strategy for CNN to associate the well-known brands in its portfolio across screens, as well as to cross-promote franchises across Time Warner,” Digitas' Fremont said. For Cisco, the CNN relationship has grown “because they have been innovative and open-minded about finding new ways to have technology play a role in how they deliver the news—without crossing any editorial lines,” Mee said. Since 2010, Cisco's TelePresence has enabled live two-way videoconferencing between CNN bureaus and the homes of four contributors. A discreet Cisco logo is displayed each time those contributors appear on a telecast. This year on, a series of roundtables with political experts hosted by Wolf Blitzer is using Webex technology and being billed as “powered by Cisco.” —Marie Griffin
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