Comcast, Philadelphia

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Company: Comcast, Philadelphia
Agency: N/A
Market: Small businesses, CIOs
Quick chase: This online ad for Comcast Business Class lacks focus. The banner touts access on the fly, sharing information with team members and growth. The landing page, which features the lame image of an oversized structure against an urban skyline, states in the headline: "You gotta act big." In the next breath, the subhead says customers can save 22% over the competition by getting Comcast Business Class voice, Internet and TV for $99 a month. Comcast is promising every advantage under the sun but doesn't do nearly enough in the ad to support the claims. However, a PDF of a chart that compares Comcast's prices and features with the competition's is useful.
Clue: The ad invites visitors to the page to click for its toll-free number. Why make them work for it? Just post it.
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