New company encourages advertisers to solicit

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A new company encourages advertisers to solicit—and pay for—ideas from anyone with Internet access. BootB (, launched live globally last week, invites companies thirsty for fresh ideas to post advertising briefs to which registered users ("Creators") may respond. Whether they speak Arabic or Italian, Creators can tell companies how to most effectively reach their core audiences with their main messages. Currently, Lego is seeking a viral campaign that lets young boys know the brand is "cool," so cool that they pass the message on to their friends. If Lego decides to buy a Creator's idea for a campaign—this one is worth $12,000—the Creator receives 90% of the cost listed and the remaining 10% goes back to BootB. BootB acts as a middle man to protect and represent each party. For example, part of the free registration process is a legal agreement that the ideas belong to the Creator until a company such as Lego buys them. Appropriately, BootB means Briefs out of the Box … time to Lego traditional advertising.

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