Why your company needs to be on Facebook & MySpace

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As a business professional, it’s a good bet you aren’t going on Facebook to play Vampire, a popular application among its vast 20-something audience where users “bite” friends. “Biting” a potential client is probably not advisable. But Charlene Li, VP-principal analyst at Forrester Research, makes the case in her blog for jumping into the social networking milieu now, despite the lack of business applications for social networks. All business is social and personal by nature, and the businesspeople you want to reach are sniffing around these sites right now or will be soon, she says. “Don’t write off social networking sites as merely social playgrounds for the young," Li writes. Your customers, prospects and employees are exploring and extending their relationships there. Some of you will be bolder in creating business value in these networks while others will wait for the pioneers to carve out the paths. But ignore these new communities only if you believe your customers are not there— and there are few instances where this will be the case."
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