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Company: FirstBank, Lakewood, Colo. Agency: TDA Advertising and Design, Boulder, Colo. Market: Small business Quick chase: When is white space wasted space? When white space is there for the sake of being white space rather than an attractive design element. FirstBank devotes three-quarters of its ad to white space in hopes that readers will play along by writing their own ad on the empty landscape. Readers are more apt to use the space to scribble out a to-do list—or ignore the ad entirely. Chasers' choice: Goat Company: Bank of America, Charlotte, N.C. Agency: (N/A) Market: Small business Quick chase: A multitasking photographer preparing for his next shoot is apparently checking his online banking statement, perhaps to determine how gracious he needs to be with the client. But the image works well with Bank of America's headline: “You eat, sleep and breathe your business. So when do you bank?” Bank of America demonstrates that it understands well the challenges faced by its small-business customers. Chasers' choice: Gloat
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