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During the tough times of the last few years, it was easy to justify a shift in content strategy to focus on programs intended to generate leads. Companies developed more white papers, webcasts and podcasts touting their latest products' features and benefits with the idea of casting a wider net. That's all good, but tough times shouldn't mean an abandonment of the fundamentals. And with limited resources, if the volume is turned up in one area, it is lowered in another area. In this case, it's the brand that has been getting muted. Although there is brand exposure when featured content is showcased, it is the purpose of the brand that is being neglected. In the minds of your target audience, the increased volume of demand programs can become noise. It is easy to lose sight of a brand's promise and its differentiator. In other words, what is the single attribute of the brand that your customers can relate to? What makes you relevant? And what justifies the purchase of your solution by their organization? With continued emphasis on your brand promise in all content—including that solely identified as lead generation—you are creating scalability. With the brand promise infused in all activities, you are establishing a road map and a purpose that should carry through across all communications. Therefore, the sum is greater than the parts, and the volume of activity does not need to be the primary goal. This focus on brand affords the ability to concentrate on the fundamentals: honing in on your target audience, including information that is relevant to your buyers and clearly discussing your brand promise. At CA Technologies, we are doubling down on our brand promise of “Agility made possible.” This is the starting point for all our communications across all targets and content deliverables. We are working closely with our media partners and agencies to clearly identify what drives purchase decisions inside organizations and the type of content that is relevant to those buyers. As we head into a new phase of economic growth, the mindsets of buyers will change with a “flight to quality” to brands that can differentiate, add value and deliver on their brand promises. Michael Paradiso is VP-content and messaging at CA Technologies. He can be reached at [email protected]
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