Content Marketing Award: Digital Pub: Runner-up: ARM Holdings

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ARM Holdings, a semiconductor intellectual property company based in Cambridge, England, launched its quarterly digital magazine, ARM Signum, last November. Aimed at system and software engineers, the publication focuses on the technology driving digital innovation. The content includes large-scale think pieces on topics such as whether the “make-buy” approach to software is giving way to one of “build-borrow-buy.” For those wanting to take a deeper tech dive, there's the “Under the Hood” section with its “Getting Into the Guts” feature—a multistep dismantling and evaluation of a piece of hardware. ARM Signum makes good use of multimedia, with an extensive selection of videos such as “How to Win in an Ecosystem Age.” The magazine also counts tech-savvy consumers among its audience. Where else could they go to learn about Pinofeed, the wireless pet feeder app? A clear case of technology going to the dogs.
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