Content Marketing Award: Integrated: Winner: Xerox Corp.

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Creating a brand so strong that it replaces a product's common name—Kleenex, for example—is a marketer's dream. For Xerox Corp., though, it has been a challenge to move beyond the legacy of its own brand and create awareness that it is more than a copier company. As it expanded into business services for vertical markets, Xerox determined the quickest way to credibility was to create valuable editorial content that would subtly position the company as a thought leader. To do this in the healthcare industry, Xerox introduced HealthBiz Decoded, a website that reads like a healthcare publication. Well-written articles by freelance journalists and Xerox's healthcare experts are featured alongside aggregated healthcare news from the Web. In addition to the news coverage, there are infographics, videos and resource links. The design of the site is engaging, with a simple layout and navigation that make it easy to find information on specific topics. The only mention of Xerox is a small “presented by” logo at the top and the bottom of the page. In addition, Xerox sponsored TedMed 2013, a healthcare innovation conference, and sent healthcare blogger John Lynn to write about the conference and host a post-conference Google+ chat with other attendees. This campaign is an example of the power of great original content to build trust within an industry and change people's perception of a company. Xerox has created a content marketing template that others would do well to ... copy.
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