Content Marketing Award: Video: Winner: FedEx Corp.

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Over the past 30 years, FedEx Corp.'s award-winning TV spots have proven that the company knows how to translate b-to-b marketing messages into funny, memorable video content. FedEx's winning online video entry may not share the irreverent tone of its most famous commercials, but concise storytelling that articulates the challenges faced by small businesses and how FedEx can help remains intact. The video profiles Darn Good Yarn, a fiber importer and retailer that hires local women in Nepal and India to recycle fabrics into yarn. (The company is also a winner of the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.) What is essentially a video case study is elevated by high production values, concise editing and a great story. The video shows the journey of Darn Good Yarn's product from the bustling streets of a city in India to the picturesque, wintry hamlet of Sebec, Maine, where Nicole Snow (yes, snow) runs the company out of her home. Interviews with the relatable Snow and her FedEx support team tell the story of how Darn Good Yarn came to be a success and how FedEx helped the business save money and grow. It's not hard to imagine a small-business person viewing this video and thinking, “I want my business to be like that,” which is the point. The whole package, alluring and idealized, is compelling. Though it may tip the scales toward marketing over content, it's hard to look away from such a darn good yarn.
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