Continuing quest for cross-media CMS

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Ray Minturn, president of special interest publications at Quad/Graphics, trumpeted the value of QR codes, near-field communications and potential savings in postal costs. MB: What technological changes do you expect to have an impact this year? Ray Minturn: We expect the b-to-b trend of increased multi-channel and cross-media content delivery to continue in the coming year, with success coming to those publishers (and printers) who are best able to blend and integrate content in ways that best serve readers and advertisers alike. New engagement techniques—from QR codes to near-field communications chips to augmented reality—will be blended into print campaigns more seamlessly and effectively, with big-ticket b-to-b advertising leading the technology wave as always. MB: In what largely untapped areas can b-to-b publishers get additional help from their printers? Minturn: In the continuing battle for advertising dollars, publishers should ask their printers for help developing innovative and engaging advertising formats. Print has strengths that in many cases remain untapped, plus some exciting new applications that skillfully blend traditional print with new mobile apps. QR codes are the most obvious example, but there are many more. MB: How are printers helping with rising postage costs? Minturn: The threat of even higher postal costs is driving continuing innovation in publication mailing systems. Pending breakthroughs promise even greater savings potential, with new co-mail systems combining dynamic data analysis, faster processing and greater volumes to help offset rising postage costs.
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