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Last year, Corda Technologies realized its Web site presented information in a language that several important audience segments couldn’t easily understand.

The Lindon, Utah-based data visualization software company had originally built the site using precise, technical lingo to appeal to software developers. However, Corda was trying to broaden its marketing efforts to include business executives, IT managers, government agencies and original equipment manufacturers.

"Our Web site was very product-oriented and didn’t communicate what’s most important to these new audiences," said David Vandagriff, Corda’s VP-marketing. "That is, what exactly are the strategic benefits—rather than merely the features—of our data visualization products?"

A complete redesign was in order.

"The first thing we looked at was to provide different messages for our range of customers," Vandagriff said. "So we built five separate custom views off the front page to redirect them to pages that would be most relevant to each segment—business executives, developers, IT managers, government and OEMs."

In each custom view, potential customers are greeted upfront with the strategic arguments for purchasing Corda products.

Such careful scripting was also part of a concerted search engine optimization process, Vandagriff said. Corda, working with an outside vendor, wrote Web copy and restructured the underlying code to boost its results on search engines.

"We’re getting a return of five to 10 times the click-throughs that we got from our Google or Overture ads," Vandagriff said. "Web users are just that much more likely to click on a search result than a search ad."

With cost-per-click, keyword-driven ads costing about $3, Vandagriff said Corda has saved about $1,000 a month on the "executive dashboard" keyword search, for example.

Corda still pays for search engine advertising; it can generate immediate results for new keywords, while optimization takes longer. However, paid search ads usually come up ranked lower than its unpaid search results, Vandagriff said.

Corda’s redesign also included some bells and whistles, such as downloadable demo versions of its software and a more refined look and feel. One vital feature is that site activity can now be completely tracked, giving company managers instant feedback on the behaviors of Web customers.

Corda has seen a significant uptick in sales and the average dollar value of those sales since the site was launched last October, Vandagriff said.

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