Cordill says it's all about teamwork

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Susi Cordill, VP-circulation at Ascend Media, was in the midst of budget planning for 2007 when Media Business caught up with her.

MB: What's the big push for '07?

Cordill: An integrated database. We want to have all of our offerings in one place, and the ability to see and reach out to customers in many different ways. That'll lead to new revenue opportunities, new product lines. Right now we're missing opportunities as simple as Webinars and white papers.

MB: Are you working closely with other departments?

Cordill: Circulation and e-media, a fairly new department, will be working together. Plus, the editors and the publishers [collaborate with us]. We'll all be integrated to work together and track our traffic in all of its forms. How are people traveling through our different offerings and how can we analyze that to help us either editorially or on the advertising front?

MB: How do you keep in sync?

Cordill: Just in circ, we have a lot of team meetings. We have one every summer where we fly the whole team in. We have three traditional magazine publishing offices in Chicago, Princeton and L.A. They used to run pretty independently, but now it's all about sharing information. We also have special teams who work on different things and share that information with one another. We even have an internal blog.

MB: How have things changed for circulators?

Cordill: We used to be the Rodney Dangerfield of publishing, tucked into back offices with no respect. Since 2000, we're a big part of every big decision. The core asset of a publishing company is its databases. And nobody knows the data the way we do.

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