What it costs to build a transaction site

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oldclass: 2 What it costs to build a transaction site

Cubicle Max Median Price High Low
$479,250 $1,200,000 $30,000

Company profile: CubicleMax is a major national b-to-b distributor of office supplies. Catalog, not retail. It has watched its competitors go online already and taken notes.

In addition to an online catalog, it wants to put together a little application -- Shockwave, Java or other -- that will help customers plan their office space. For example: Give it the measurements of a typical cubicle, the types of furniture and a budget, and it will suggest efficient storage and furniture solutions, as well as a host of upsell office accessories: letter holders, white boards, etc. CubicleMax already has a catalog and the ability to input data from a toll-free number operator and ship out products. It will need its e-commerce application to interface with that system. It will need to update this quarterly. You will be provided with a CD with 7,500 product images (jpg) and descriptions (txt).

  • Look and feel

  • Secure server to handle transactions

  • Shopping cart application

  • Some sort of intelligent agent for the upsells

  • Database for the catalog items

  • An automated e-mail system for order verification and tracking

  • Integration with existing software

  • Three updates with a new CD of data
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