What it costs to redesign your Web site

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ACME, Investments 'R' Us and Blockmonster all have thriving Web sites now, thanks to the excellent work their developers have put in. They've taken their basic sites and added all sorts of functionality and best of all they've added the commerce function so that their ROI is much nicer. So they've decided that it's time to reinvest some and redesign their sites.


ACME Sprockets would like to put a new look on its front page and change some navigational graphics throughout the various sections. The work will mostly be graphical with some time spent with the client discussing the new goals and how to meet them. Nothing too intense, but they would like to freshen up the look and feel overall. Their actual content will mostly stay the same.


Investment's R Us also wants a new home page and new pages for its various section fronts. They're so happy with how well the "Info tapes" are doing that they'd like you to come up with some logos for these for use on the site as well as one animated ad banner that they're going to start placing. Meanwhile, they will need about a dozen pages redesigned to provide a better look for their consumer side as well as a more focused layout for their internal side. They want to make sure that the looks are coordinated but distinctive.


Blockmonster wants to change the way their site is navigated. They want one of those JavaScript remote controls or something similar. They're also looking at ways to better integrate their shopping features into every aspect of the site. All their templates will need reworking and they want an entirely new graphical treatment to the site. You'll also need to work with their agency to create seven new animated ad banners designed to reflect their new look.

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