Creating custom content to increase search engine visibility.

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In the crowded sphere of online marketing, your product or service and its accompanying Web site need a competitive edge to get noticed. Tapping into the power of search engine optimization can help you capture as many results about your company as possible. In simple terms, you need to do all you can to stand out. Give potential customers more opportunities to find you. And when someone's looking for relative information about your product or service, you need to be in the right place at the right time. An easily executable way of accomplishing this is by creating your own custom content and seeding it across the Web. One valuable and cost-effective means is to develop multiple single-page sites, or microsites, that contain articles, reviews and other useful information about your product or service. Although you can create these sites on your own, it's best if the content is written from an outside point of view. After all, there's nothing better than a third-party endorsement. And if done well, visitors won't know that your company was behind it all. This is a great way to get under the “marketing radar” of potential clients, while offering valuable information they are actually looking for. It's also important when writing the content to integrate relevant keywords and phrases throughout. This further increases a search engine's likelihood of returning multiple results. And last, these custom-made landing pages serve as the perfect medium to incorporate banner advertising and links that lead people directly to your primary Web site. After reading the content, visitors are more likely to click on a relevant banner ad or link to find out more. So don't get lost online. Let custom content help you find more b-to-b customers. It's simple, inexpensive and most important, it's effective. Jordan Mauriello is the founder and creative director of moreYELLOW (, an integrated marketing solutions agency.
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