Creating e-mails that generate leads


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Otherwise, messaging should as always be highly focused on the prospect's business problem, and marketers may best achieve that goal by using customer testimonials in their e-mail copy, said Forrester Research's Daniels. “Those people who are doing this are getting the highest conversion rate,” he said. StrongMail's Trivunovic said one of her customers—a human resources software vendor—created a strong “onboarding” program by introducing testimonials sequentially. The first e-mail or two had written commentary included, while subsequent messages included links to video testimonials. “The videos were so [that] people could see existing customers talk about how the organization helped them. The company felt it humanized them. They were doing more than marketing; they were showing that they understood their customers' needs,” she said. And if you do everything right and your prospects haven't opted out but aren't opening your e-mails? Don't keep them in your prospects database. Instead, move them to a separate list whether you intend on remarketing to them again or not. Today, unopened e-mails are causing some marketers to have issues with e-mail deliverability, said Q Interactive's Wise, who also sits on the board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. “If you send your e-mail out and no one engages with it, you're risking that the ISPs and corporations, which use ISP black lists, are going to stop delivering your messages,” he said. M
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