Best Creative 2006: FedEx Kinko's

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BtoB magazine's choice for the best integrated campaign of the year, the FedEx Kinko's campaign created by BBDO, may not come as the biggest of surprises. After all, the renowned brand and its agency partner have racked up an impressive list of wins and finalist honors at various advertising award shows in recent history. Still, we couldn't ignore the spot-on, home-run ads that comprise this campaign, which featured TV, print, outdoor and guerrilla marketing elements.

The goal, said Steve Pacheco, director of advertising for FedEx Corp., was to draw on the strength of the FedEx brand to raise the visibility of FedEx Kinko's centers as a place where small-business and mobile professionals can purchase office products in addition to the company's shipping services. "You don't expect to find office supplies in FedEx Kinko's," he said, "so it gave us the one-two punch of reinforcing the core reliability of FedEx and then also introducing something brand new."

To do so, the campaign's various components use the dose of humor that has become characteristic of FedEx advertising. The TV spots channel a bit of absurdity—for instance, portraying five co-workers busily going about their day while speeding along a freeway in a car-cum- office, complete with Rolodex, Post-It notes, ringing desk phones, fax machine and a precariously balanced, steaming pot of coffee. In the kicker, one of the workers transfers a call to the boss, who is sitting at his desk atop the moving vehicle. Voice-over points out that even on the road, you're never far from a FedEx Kinko's, where "Our office is your office."

The preposterous scenario grabs viewers' attention and speaks directly to small-business professionals, who never have enough space or time. The idea was for the target audience to think `I've been in that position' or `That just happened to me,' said George Frangos, senior VP-account director at BBDO. "That creates a bond between the work and the person who relates to it," he said. "It becomes memorable and is a connection with FedEx Kinko's."

Outdoor and guerrilla marketing efforts stopped traffic by placing office products in unexpected places. For example, billboards delivered the straightforward message that more than 25,000 office products are available at Attached to the top of the billboards, however, were giant, three-dimensional office products—a paperclip in one execution, pens and a pencil in another. Guerrilla marketing efforts placed enormous office supplies on the streets of New York, such as a six-foot-plus highlighter drawing a yellow line on the curb.

The campaign's individual pieces each clearly and concisely convey what FedEx Kinko's offers and why the target audience should care. Humor, when used, drives the point home, rather than serving as an irrelevant, attention-grabbing tactic, as it does in so many ads these days. The cumulative effect is a top-notch campaign worthy of BtoB's top spot this year. 

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