Creativity on the new digital horizon

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In the old days, creativity in b-to-b marketing was available only inside very clearly defined boundaries. There were print ads, but a copywriter's creativity could only shine through via a clever headline or well-imagined photograph within the limits of an 8½-x-11-inch page. There was only so much you could do with a trade show booth. Maybe a b-to-b marketer could break down some boundaries—a la Xerox and its famous “Brother Dominic” ads—and create some TV spots, but that approach demanded an outsized budget available to few. But The Internet, however, has broadened the possibilities for b-to-b marketing. Now, with digital video cameras and the inexpensive broadband distribution offered by the Web, a company such as Kinaxis can shoot a genuinely funny, six-episode online video like “Suitemates,” branding itself and mocking its competition. Such an idea would have been beyond the scope of the possible, or the sensible, even a decade ago. Integrated marketing has long been a buzz phrase in the b-to-b arena, but now the Internet has made it a reality as print ads and other analog executions drive prospects to microsites, which open a vista of creativity for marketers. Read on to see some splendid executions from a variety of marketers in a variety of media.
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