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Challenge: For Cross Tec Corp., a company that provides sales and support to corporations, organizations, government agencies and educational institutions, maintaining control over customer contacts and sales data is a critical element to the firm’s success. But with a rapidly growing database of 2,000 reseller partners and 250,000 contacts total, Cross Tec found that it had outgrown its current customer relationship management system and was in need of a new tool to help manage its large volume of data.

“We needed to track the sources of our leads to determine the best ROI on marketing campaigns,” said Mark Krueger, sales support supervisor at Cross Tec. “We also needed to segment our database to then target the right prospect or customers with the correct message for them. We also wanted to automate the process for lead follow-up. Those are some of the challenges that we faced.”

Solution: With its previous CRM system, the cost began to outweigh the benefits, as their old system began to crash on a daily basis. Cross Tec began to consider a new way to manage its contacts and searched for a more suitable solution.

“We went on a hunt for something that was more robust and affordable, which could handle the volume of contacts that we had,” said Jeff Bowser, VP-technical services at Cross Tec.

The company discovered GoldMine from FrontRange Solutions and has since sung its praises for its ability to effectively manage all aspects of its business relationships.

“We ended up choosing GoldMine because we liked the simplicity. We understood it right away. We migrated at that time about a quarter-million contacts out of [our previous software system] into GoldMine. Initially we just used it as a contact list and for scheduling, but its usage grew as our staff began to learn the software,” Bowser said.

Results: Now that Cross Tec has implemented a new CRM solution, it can devote more time to company strategy rather than administrative tasks surrounding customer relationship management.

“What we’ve found in GoldMine was a package that suited where we wanted to grow,” Krueger said. “What we were able to develop from GoldMine was its customization, and so we set it up to reflect how our company runs as a distributor.”

Cross Tec was also able to organize its customer database in a more efficient manner, positively affecting its bottom line.

“Its very easy for us to send both text and HTML e-mails to defined segments within our database based on vertical markets, locations, job titles and other products,” Krueger said. “GoldMine sends out regular, customized e-mails and enables us to maintain contact with valuable current customers. All these things enable us to focus on our customers the way we want to. It alleviates administrative overhead for the account managers, which allows us to sell and keep in contact with our customers.”

As a whole, Krueger believes that GoldMine has contributed to the company’s overall productivity.

“We know that being more efficient with GoldMine has a reduced overhead of administrative costs. With the GoldMine usage, we know that we are more efficient. When you have over 200,000 contacts in your database, it can be a little unwieldy, and the features within GoldMine allow us to manage those [contacts] in an effective and time sensitive manner,” he said.

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