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Todd Smart is president and founder of BeTuitive Publishing and Video, which produce company-specific online, print and video publications, as well as marketing services.   

Media Business: How are you using social networks as marketing tools?   

Smart:Social media can drive people to content. We use the term “social media” to incorporate all the social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and lesser known community sites, as well as wikis and Twitter. We also write the profiles for our client companies on their industry association sites, which are never written from a marketing point of view; and we consider associations as another kind of social network. We use all of these to help clients get leads or grow their customer lists.   

MB: How do you get leads or business- card information through social networks?   

Smart: We promote a high-perceivedvalue giveaway with a promo code, like a video e-book. We post an offer on all of our clients’ LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. We find we get most of the leads through the groups rather than individual profiles. The promo code is unique to that network, so that we can track it. And we follow up with a newsletter offer as a lead-nurturing component.   

MB:How do you charge clients for this?   

Smart: Social media is not a freestanding offering. We package all our marketing services with publications, so we charge for our time, essentially. We take an integrated approach, including print and online, and we measure everything we do. For print, we use personal URLs, landing pages and phone numbers, all with calls to action.

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