Custom media works because of content No coverage of e-mail content?

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I've been in the publishing/media biz for 25 years. I've spent the last five years or more creating huge amounts of customized media and marketing programs for my clients. You make the point (“Customizing the future of publishing,” Sept. 15, page 8) that most marketers, when they shift their dollars from print to online, start spending on their own Web initiatives. Instead, they might be more rewarded to remember why they advertised in b-to-b print publications in the first place: Because b-to-b publishing companies deliver targeted, qualified prospects (aka readers/subscribers) and engaging content that is written by professionals. This is exactly the reason why marketers would be wise to first choose their current print partners' publication audiences that worked so well and ask them to create custom projects. It's all about content development—educational content that the marketers' prospects will find engaging and useful to their jobs—and audience develop-ment—getting the right, targeted audience. These two things are the core competencies of media companies. LIZ STOTT Marketing strategist Machine Design and Motion System Design [email protected] Not a word about how to actually write a cogent b-to-b e-mail (BtoB's 2008 E-mail Marketer Insight Guide)? Very disappointing. All the technology and metrics mean zero if the e-mail message cannot be understood because it makes no sense. And that, sir, is an epidemic in b-to-b marketing. How about a follow-up piece about content, context and continuity in writing e-mails? And perhaps a reminder that spelling, grammar and subject-verb agreement count. MICHAEL A. BROWN President Business Marketing Consultancy [email protected]
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