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Company: BT, London Agency: BBDO Proximity, New York Market: C-level executives and IT professionals Quick chase: The British are coming! But it's not those musket-toting redcoats from long ago. This invasion is being led by a series of fresh faces as American as apple pie. Here we meet Gail Detweiler, a BT manager in Chicago who invites the target audience into the ad. BT, more formally known as British Telecommunications, is introducing itself to the Americas and attempting to raise its awareness levels. The copy is as friendly as the face in the ad. BT notes that it's increasing its 1,800-member U.S. work force by 6% in order to build one of America's largest IP networks. We like the sharp focus on faces because if you want managers to look at your ad, trot out a manager. Clear, concise copy nicely rounds out the ad. Clue: We've said it before (see main essay, this page), and we'll say it again: A human element can do a lot for an ad because people have an inherent interest in other people.
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