Cut to the Chase

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Company: Black Box Network Services, Lawrence, Pa. Agency: N/A Market: Chief information officers Quick chase: Ads tend to set up better against white or light backgrounds. A light canvas allows the visuals, the text and other elements to resonate better than against a dark and brooding background. Light backgrounds allow you to use black or dark type, which is usually more readable than reverse type. And from a production standpoint, dark type on a light background is less expensive than reversing the plates. But every now and then we see an ad on a dark background that works. A black look for this ad is certainly appropriate for a company called Black Box Network Services. The image of the man opening a box that emits brilliant white rays is a stopper, and we like how Black Box handles its reverse white type. The spacing between each line is generous, the type size is punched up and the simple sans-serif font is easy to digest. Clue: This would never work on a field of white.
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