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Company: Sprint, Overland Park, Kan. Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco Market: Mobile executives Chase: Sprint puts its mobile broadband card to the torture test in a well-choreographed spot that lets the product ride to the rescue. The spot features an insurance adjuster on the scene of an auto accident on the apron of a bridge set against an urban backdrop. He's got his laptop propped up on the trunk of his car. We see him plug the card into the computer and a data field appear on its screen. A disheartened motorist inspects the damage to his car as the adjuster says, "People always ask insurance guys: `When can I get my car back?' Well, a lot faster with the Sprint mobile broadband card. I can instantly download customer data, file the claim and handle more customers per day." On cue, the motorist approaches the insurance guy and anxiously inquires: "So, when can I get my car back?" Before the adjuster can answer the question, the car's engine explodes. Clue: It's not a happy ending-at least for the motorist-but the product gets to play the hero's role.
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