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Company: Intel, Santa Clara, Calif. Agency: McCann Erickson, New York Market: Information services management Chase: We focus on the beauty of faces in b-to-b advertising in this month's column, but that's not to say a human presence must carry every execution. Here's a face-free ad for the Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor for Servers that still manages to arrest attention on first glance. It connects with readers largely on the strength of its powerful headline that promises a reward: "Up to 80% more performance per watt." States the subhead: "100% more high-fives in the server room." The subhead has a human touch, suggesting that the folks whose jobs are always on the line will enjoy a celebratory moment if they specify the Intel processor. Intel smartly quantifies both the promise and the reward without showing a scene of high-fiving techs in the server room. That human scene might look overly contrived. Clue: Good photography and art direction manage to make an otherwise pedestrian-looking processor look appealing, especially to a target audience.
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