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Company: SEW-EURODRIVE, Lyman, S.C.
Eric Mower and Associates B2B Group, Charlotte, N.C.
Audience: Engineers
Quick chase:
The only thing more fun than a kid in a candy store is a kid in a candy factory. But this ad is no child's play. It's an industrial ad for SEW-EURODRIVE, which makes mechanical devices that control motor speed and equipment motion. The image alone sent a clear signal to readers that they won't have to endure the usual technical jargon and product specifications of industrial advertising. The copy is just as approachable as the photo, yet it's not trivial or fluffy.
Clue: The ad proves you can be approachable and informative in the same breath.

Company: CipherLab, Plano, Texas
Agency: Miles Media, Gig Harbor, Wash.
Audience: Retailers, logistics and distribution executives
Quick chase:
The skyscraper ads for CipherLab's handheld automated devices make good use of the vertical space. People appear to be enjoying the convenience of the devices, which speaks directly to a key benefit. The images also lend a sense of dimension in relation to the human user of the product. The landing page, however, is not nearly as compelling because of a lack of art direction. Visitors are greeted with a handful of similarly sized items, including a box for upcoming events, one for a news release and another for a recent article on the company that appeared in a trade publication. Where's the visitor's eye to go first?
A single element on the landing page must dominate to provide a clearer sense of navigation.

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