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Company: Orion Advisor Services, Omaha, Neb.
Agency: In-house
Market: Midsize registered investment advisers
Quick chase: Engaging readers, especially print audiences, is a big challenge. But as Orion Advisor Services demonstrates with this ad, you can get the print crowd to play along—that is, if they are willing to put their origami skills to use. The ad features an adviser on the left side of the ad and a pair of clients on the right. In between, lies all the back-office detritus, which Orion offers to take off the adviser's hands. By following the directions at the bottom of the ad, the reader folds it along two sets of vertical lines, and voila! All the stuff in the middle disappears and the adviser and the clients are face to face. It was a clever way to underscore Orion's services.
: But can you make a glider out of it?
Company: DHL, Plantation, Fla.
Agency: Ogilvy One, New York
Market: Small businesses, shipping and logistics managers
Quick chase: We can't resist primary colors, especially red and yellow. They make a terrific match because of the sharp contrast between them. DHL's team brand colors are red and yellow, which stand out in any medium, but especially so online where there's so much gray. With that kind of stopping power, DHL can afford to keep its banner messages pretty simple. DHL supports its key point that it can deliver anywhere and any day in 225 countries and territories by showing a network of red tendrils spreading across the globe.
Clue: Could DHL conquer the world in black and white? Doubtful.
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