Danielle Hartley, Senior VP-publisher, MedTech Media

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Many media executives have their hands full mastering one platform. Danielle Hartley, senior VP-publisher at MedTech Media, has managed to successfully expand her company's efforts across three: webinars, virtual conferences and social media. Hartley's impact extends beyond the surface. MedTech CEO Jack Beaudoin said online accounted for 10% to 12% of the company's revenue before she arrived; now, two-thirds of its revenue comes from online sources. Beaudoin estimated that Hartley's expansion of the company's virtual conferences has generated about $500,000 in additional revenue. Hartley said it is vital to see such events as more than just putting a conference online. “You really have to look at it more as a lead-gen initiative, in the way we really set things up by letting certain qualified individuals attend,” she said. “Being able to deliver that qualified audience to the vendors that participated was key to the whole operation.” Hartley transformed MedTech's social media efforts as well. The company now boasts a combined network of more than 10,000 friends, contacts and followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and social media sponsorships represent the company's fastest-growing source of revenue. Hartley credited MedTech's social media success to providing useful information in the format recipients prefer. “We're not going to say, "Hey, buy my stuff,' and send out messages to our audience that are just blatant commercials,” she said. Instead, MedTech distributes “things that are educational, inviting people to our events on behalf of our clients.”
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