Debuting product at show helps ITW manufacture interest

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Elgin, Ill.-based ITW Industrial Fastening is a provider of wood fastening solutions. The company's DuoFast brand features tools and fasteners for professional use on construction sites, for remodeling, in furniture shops and in other manufacturing applications. By talking with customers, the company identified a need for a system that helped cabinetmakers standardize processes and reduce staple blowouts. “We had a team that visited different manufacturers, and we were able to identify that even within the same company at different locations, they were creating cabinets differently,” said Pamela Carr, market manager at ITW Industrial Fastening. Working with Naperville, Ill.-based agency FUSION b2b, ITW introduced the cabinet fastening system as a DuoFast subbrand dubbed “Enginuity”—combining the words “engineering” and “ingenuity.” “The solutions are highly engineered and very customized to the specific needs of end users,” said Neil Brown, VP-account director at FUSION b2b. “Cabinet manufacturers have different fastening requirements than truss manufacturers. [ITW] has custom applications for each, and this allows us to tell that story.” ITW and FUSION b2b debuted Enginuity at this year's International Woodworking Fair trade show in Atlanta. The August show draws a high concentration of cabinetmakers, Carr said, so it was the perfect venue in which to introduce the system. ITW's show presence included a booth that featured a video about the new cabinet fastening system, as well as product samples and demonstrations. The company also handed out business card-size CDs with the video to booth visitors, and ran print ads in show bulletins before the event. At the same time, ITW relaunched its Web site, updating content and the site's look and feel to include the new subbrand. Previous work had stress-ed the DuoFast brand's durability and reliability—a message targeted at contractors, Brown said. The new message focuses instead on engineering, showing how the system can optimize productivity in the manufacturing process. “With Enginuity, it's more of a sophisticated look,” he said. “It's a totally different message and different feel.” ITW's efforts generated a large number of leads for the new system, Carr said. The company is now processing those leads and determining the best channel for selling to them—either through distributors or direct sales. In the meantime, the company's efforts have generated significant interest in the Enginuity brand. “At the show, when people saw it, they'd say, "That's exactly what we need,' ” Carr said. “We got great feedback and, by focusing on developing this system, it gives us credibility that we understand the cabinet industry because we're not trying to make a tool or a guide that fits every industry. It's focused on exactly what they [cabinet manufacturers] are doing.” M HOW ITW BOOSTED AWARENESS AND PICKED UP LEADS Objective: ITW Industrial Fastening, a provider of wood fastening solutions, wanted to promote its cabinet fastening products. Strategy: Working with marketing agency FUSION b2b, the company grouped its cabinet-specific products and accessories into a system, branded it “Enginuity” and launched the system at the International Woodworking Fair trade show in Atlanta in August. Results: ITW's efforts generated a large number of leads and significant interest in the new system, said Pamela Carr, market manager at ITW Industrial Fastening.
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