Dell Breaks Three New TV Spots Using Episodic Storytelling

Ads Continue 'Future Ready' Campaign, Showing How Technology Helps a Little Girl Get a New Heart

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Dell is breaking three new TV ads in its "Future Ready" campaign, which launched last year, and it's using an episodic storytelling approach to show how its technology can help people and businesses.

The spots, created by Y&R New York, will begin running tonight on the Golf Channel during the World Golf Championships Dell Match Play tournament, and will continue this weekend on NBC's coverage of the tournament.

"We are working hard to amplify our brand as a force for human progress and the role that innovative technology is playing to help better the lives of people and help businesses grow," said Liz Matthews, executive director-corporate brand and purpose at Dell. "The intersection of technology and innovation is happening every day."

Last year, Dell launched its "Future Ready" campaign with a spot called "Beat Again," which shows how technology helps a little girl named Amy get a heart transplant.

"That storytelling approach resonated incredibly well with people -- with business professionals and with the general public overall," Ms. Matthews said. "This year, we took a step back and asked 'How do we take the story and build upon more of it?'"

Dell turned to its agency Y&R to help it continue the story of Amy and her heart transplant.

"We wanted to create an episodic series that intertwined all three spots to tell a single story, and show the integral role [Dell] technology plays across industries and in people's lives," said Christian Carl, global executive creative director at Y&R. "That includes big things like a heart transplant to little things like ordering sushi in your hotel room or just knowing that your school bus is arriving in the morning."

The first spot, called "The Night Before," shows the doctor who is going to perform Amy's heart transplant surgery checking into his hotel and using technology to find out there's been a match for Amy's heart, traveling to the hospital and performing the surgery.

The second spot, called "First Day Back," shows Amy returning to school after her surgery, with technology helping her monitor her vital signs, catch her school bus and learn in the classroom.

A third spot, "Anthem," intertwines all three stories (including last year's spot "Beat Again," which will also run in the rotation this week).

"You can see a unique approach to storytelling -- even if you only saw one spot, the singular spot stands alone as a story," Ms. Matthews said. "We feel this is an approach that really enables us to tell stories about our customers and resonate with people about the role technology can play in a really unique format."

The spots show how big data and cloud technology can be applied to industries including health care, hospitality and education.

"We are just beginning to scratch the surface of where the 'Future Ready' platform can go next," said Mr. Carl. "We are exploring how it might come to life across industries from sports to music to manufacturing."

The spots will also appear on Dell's Future Ready website, on social media channels and in paid digital media.

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