Demand-gen partner helps Intellitactics reach goals

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Objective: In December 2007, Intellitactics, a supplier of security incident and management (SIEM) products, was in the process of two major transitions.

The company was getting ready to launch SAFE, a new line of security appliances. At the same time, it was transitioning the organization from a largely direct-sales force to a third-party channel.

Intellitactics’ marketing team realized that the new product and larger channel required an inexpensive, efficient way to generate demand.

“We didn’t necessarily want to spend more money or increase our staff,” said Pam Casale, Intellitactics’ chief marketing officer.

Strategy: Intellitactics turned to Manticore Technology, a demand-generation software vendor that allows marketers to automate the lead-nurturing process.

“A lead-nurturing system allows marketers to build campaigns that go beyond just sending out e-mails,” said Manticore VP Christopher Doran. “Even if the client doesn’t qualify for sales, the system continues to nurture them until they are ready.”

Intellitactics’ team integrated Manticore’s application with its existing software.

“Using Manticore to do early-stage maturing and nurturing resulted in highly qualified leads,” said Casale, adding that the best part of using the new platform was that Intellitactics did not have to increase its staff or budget.

Results: As early as February and March of 2008, Intellitactics was seeing a positive impact.

“Our most significant result was that we were able to shorten our sales cycle,” said Casale. Prior to partnering with Manticore, a typical sales cycle for Intellitactics stretched 9 months to 3 years. With the implementation of its new lead-nurturing system, the company was able to shorten that by 30%. In addition, the number of qualified leads grew by 171%.

As for its budget, Intellitactics was able to reach a breakeven ROI in just two months.

In comparing the first quarter of 2009 to that of 2008, Casale added that there was a 211% growth in qualified leads and a 115% growth in leads entering the pipeline.

“All our numbers are up. We’re just getting better and better using the product,” Casale said.

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