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Making product data easy to find online is also essential. Engineers are often looking for specific products and perform three- and four-word searches in search engines, Fayle said. In fact, he said, about 74% of the industrial searches performed on the company's engine are three or more words. “The sweet spot seems to be four-word searches,” he said. “Those have the greatest conversion rates.” A marketer's website has to be optimized to be found by such “long tail” searches, said Linda Rigano, executive director of strategic services at Thomas Industrial Network. “The whole thing is really about leveraging your website and using technology to be more efficient and to generate more sales,” she said. “It's about getting repeat business and getting bookmarked. Once these engineers recognize you, they'll come back.” Marketers should also consider their strategies for reaching audiences in other countries. Countries such as China, Germany and Japan are obvious hot spots, said Jeff Curie, VP-marketing at SupplyFrame Inc., an online provider of electronic component information and advertising; but Brazil, the Czech Republic, India, Poland and Ukraine are also promising markets. “There are companies everywhere designing the local car, or the local telephone switch or the local train,” he said. “There are design engineers everywhere, and marketers are increasingly saying, "I want to be able to go there and I want to be able to go there and there.' ” Those marketers are getting more sophisticated in how they're targeting their ads to an international audience, he said, determining what ad works best in what language and better measuring how those ads perform.
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