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PCMag to drop print, focus on online revenues Ken Detlet cannot rip apart a computer and put it back together. He is not a techie. He is, however, a self-avowed gadget guy and a man who has made a career of connecting media companies to the digital marketplace—helpful qualities for the new VP-digital sales at PCMag Digital Network. Detlet joined the Ziff Davis Media group in August and will be part of the leadership team that sees the 27-year-old flagship PCMag brand phase out its print edition after January. “The future of our business is digitally focused,” Detlet said. “The trend is more dollars shifting to the digital side.” One reason for the shift: Click rates and conversions. “Advertisers and marketers need to be able to measure ROI,” he said. His job will be to integrate rich-media marketing platforms into PCMag Digital Network. He will focus on everything from contextual marketing opportunities and media partner-ships to the tracking of the development of mobile marketing strategies. His charges include,, PCMagcast,, and Detlet will look for new opportunities to extend the brand and increase revenues. “We want to continue to grow our core base of readers and find new venues to distribute content,” he said. “We're going to innovate and look for new technology. If we're pushing the envelope and extending our audience, I think everybody will be happy.” He pointed to PCMag's relationship with Yahoo Publisher's Network as an example of the kind of media partnerships he wants to build. “You'll see us extending our information to other organizations,” he said. Yahoo features PC Magazine content on its news feed and gives advertisers access to a broader audience—that access includes the contextual advertising that has become the brand's hallmark. Advertisements on the PCMag roster of sites are paired, for example, with relevant product reviews and can be re-delivered when the targeted consumer visits another page—even if that page is accessed via Yahoo. “We're monetizing the content without losing editorial integrity,” Detlet said. “Rich media is getting better and better on the advertising side.” Marketers in this venue focus on an advertisement's ability to generate sales, a goal well-aligned with the PCMag audience, he said. The network attracts early-adopter technology enthusiasts, potential buyers who come to the company's digital properties in search of product information. “We are a powerful branding environment, but we are looking to help drive sales at the end of the day,” Detlet said. “We offer [an audience] in the market and low in the funnel. We are looking to bridge that opportunity and connect with e-commerce.” M
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