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Technology vendor Documentum Inc. may be typical of today’s midsize marketers: It wants more out of its CRM solution. To get it, the company’s VP of e-business strategy, Peter Tait, recently made a bold move, essentially moving the company’s e-marketing system "from out on the periphery to the core system of all of our marketing activities," he said.

Analysts and smart marketers will tell you that technology alone is not the answer to a company’s CRM challenges. But companies like Documentum are realizing that the technology, if used correctly, offers a framework on which to operate more hands-on, measurable customer management activities.

Documentum has been using Pivotal’s MarketFirst e-marketing system for several years. Tait’s first move when he joined Documentum in October 2001 was to move from a hosted version of the e-marketing system to an in-house version, he said.

Since the company took CRM functions in-house, the Pivotal data has become Documentum’s primary customer database, growing from 80,000 contacts to more than 450,000 names. Tait also is pushing the integration of the CRM system with other in-house software, including Documentum’s Siebel sales-force automation system. That integration is already paying dividends, Tait said. For instance, when a customer on the Documentum Web site registers to download a white paper, that lead is in the sales team’s hands in minutes, he said.

Tait’s next goal was to use the platform to "encourage interaction as frequently as possible with our customers to build up long-term relationships," he said. "That interaction history is now a big part of our overall view of the customer."

Documentum has drastically increased its use of e-marketing. In March, the company ran more than 80 different e-marketing and Web-based programs, including up to two online events per week. Overall, its use of outbound e-mail campaigns has quadrupled over the past year, Tait said.

The results have been rewarding, he said, noting that the company increased registrations on its Web site by 100% in 12 months.

Documentum also measures the percentage of its closed deals that had "marketing touches," or some interaction with a marketing program. "We had a massive increase in that number last year, from 60% to more than 90%. In addition, the number of touches on each of those deals has doubled," Tait said.

In addition, Tait’s team examines which campaigns had touches that yielded the highest amount of business. That type of measurability is key to CRM success, he said.

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