Dow Jones unveils major redesign of ‘The Wall Street Journal’

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New York—Ushering in a new era for its readers and advertisers, Dow Jones & Co. Monday unveiled a comprehensive redesign of its flagship, The Wall Street Journal. The redesign will debut with the Jan. 2 issue.

There will be several key changes to the Journal. It will shrink in width by three inches to an industry standard 12 inches, reducing the space devoted to news by 10%. Its length will remain 22.75 inches. The narrower width has been designed to make the Journal easier to carry. The newspaper will also feature new typography.

Stories in the print edition will be tighter, with summary boxes providing story highlights. More detailed stories will run on

The newspaper’s “Money and Investing” section will feature new financial statistics.

The redesign is expected to save $18 million a year on newsprint costs, according to L. Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Journal and exec VP at Dow Jones. He said that as a result of the changes there will be a “modest” increase in ad rates, but lower than the 6% gain in readership the Journal has had this year.

Crovitz said the editorial changes are likely to spur more b-to-b advertising throughout Dow Jones’ product portfolio, which, in addition to the Journal, includes Barron’s and

“We’ll have new sections covering traditional industries, and we’re moving our 'Corporate Focus' page to the front section, which should appeal to b-to-b marketers.”

Late last year The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Wall Street Journal Asia were redesigned and reformatted, with close integration with

To publicize the redesign, the Journal will be offered free at newsstands nationwide on the day of the launch., the largest paid news site online, will also be accessible gratis that day.

—Matthew Schwartz

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