Dow rolls out new ‘Human Element’ spots

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Dow Chemical Co. this month debuted a new integrated advertising campaign that is an extension of its “Human Element” effort, which debuted in 2006.

The latest campaign, developed by Draftfcb, Chicago, includes TV, print and online ads.

“We are trying to position our company in a way that communicates to all of our target audiences the connection between chemistry and humanity,” said Patti Temple Rocks, VP-global communications and reputation at Dow. “It is our responsibility to develop products and technologies to help solve some of the most pressing global challenges in the future.”

One 60-second ad, called “The Bond Between Us,” attempts to show the connection between man and the elements.

Against images of lightning, floods and avalanches, voice-over says, “For as long as there was memory, the world was seen as man against the elements.”

“But carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—elements that can threaten—are the very same elements from which we are made,” the voice-over continues. “They are the bond between us all.”

A second 60-second spot, called “The Story of Our Planet,” also emphasizes the connection between chemistry and humanity.

With more images from nature, voice-over says, “If we consider the notion of adding the human element to the periodic table of the elements, we see the world for the first time.”

The ads do not talk about Dow products, or even Dow as a company, with the exception of the logo shown at the end.

“Our ‘Human Element’ campaign creatively has its roots in our 2015 sustainability goals,” Temple Rocks said, referring to a series of initiatives Dow announced in 2006 aimed at addressing global challenges by 2015.

Among the initiatives are a commitment to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5% annually between 2006 and 2015, develop alternative sources of energy and address the challenge of global climate change.

“One of our goals is to use technology and scientific advancements to solve some of the major world problems,” Temple Rocks said.

The TV spots are running on broadcast and cable networks including CNBC, CNN, Discovery, Fox and National Geographic.

Print ads, which carry the same theme, are running in publications including Atlantic Monthly, The Economist, Fortune, Harvard Business Review and National Geographic.

Online ads are running on some of the companion sites of the print publications, such as and

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