E-Dialog, Return Path extend partnership to EMEA countries

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Recognizing that more of their clients are doing business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, e-mail service provider e-Dialog and e-mail performance management company Return Path have extended their partnership to develop ISP relations and deliverability services in EMEA countries.

“The global marketplace is expanding,” said Rick Buck, director of privacy and ISP relations at e-Dialog. “As our clients’ customer lists are getting broader, they are marketing to customers all over Europe and outside of Europe.”

E-Dialog’s clients include British Airways, Hewlett-Packard Co., Reuters and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

While most of its b-to-b marketing clients send permission-based e-mail to customers with corporate e-mail addresses, the clients also have international customers that use private e-mail addresses.

“One of the interesting trends for our b-to-b customers is convergence with the small- and home-office marketplace,” Buck said.

“Historically, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail probably made up 50% to 70% of our customer database,” he added. “We are seeing more of a shift to local ISPs in EMEA countries,” Buck added.

Earlier this month, e-Dialog, extended its partnership with Return Path, creator of the Sender Score Receiver Alliance, to ensure that its clients’ e-mails are being delivered properly and to resolve other e-mail issues.

The Sender Score Receiver Alliance is a reputation management system for e-mail senders, introduced by Return Path in 2005. E-Dialog was the first member of the alliance.

The system tracks e-mail reputation metrics, including complaint data, e-mail send volume, unknown user volume, security practices, identity stability and unsubscribe functionality.

Through the Sender Score Receiver Alliance, e-Dialog will be able to develop better ISP relations in EMEA countries for its clients, Buck said.

“It’s important to be able to work with the local ISPs directly,” he said: “What are their expectations for sending and receiving e-mail? What white lists and black lists do they have? Do we have credibility with these guys?”

The end goal is to make clients’ e-mail better and more performance-oriented, Buck said.

E-Dialog and Return Path are currently working with a European ISP to implement the Sender Score Receiver Alliance system in the France, Germany and the U.K. It will continue to roll out the service in other EMEA countries later this year.

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