E-mail can't do it all; careful how you count

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"Is there anything e-mail can't do” (March 9, page 12) reads like a press release for the outfits that make e-mail software. Hell yes, there's stuff e-mail can't do! Yet [Senior Reporter Christopher] Hosford presents not one question or criticism about the technology's applicability or desirability. Even more egregious is [contributor Rich] Karpinski's “Automation key to b-to-b marketing, sales suc-cess” (March 9, page 13). It's blatant pro-mo-tion, not news reporting; and the writer should know better. Plus, human beings, not automation, are the keys to successful marketing and selling. I have read and respected BtoB for years. That's why I implore you to maintain your publication's journalistic integrity. Straightforward and incisive reporting will keep readers better than shill stuff every time. MICHAEL A. BROWN, President Business Marketing Consultancy [email protected] "What does future hold for print?” (March 9, page 1) notes that b-to-b pubs have dwindled, supporting this by citing 137 pubs folding in 2007 and 120 in 2008. But how many b-to-b publications launched in those years? If 137/120 are net loss numbers, that's indeed a dwindling, and indicates churn worse than the net loss figures alone show. But if 137/120 folded and some number launched each year, net losses weren't as bad. And launches would indicate there's still life in the space. As presented, the numbers lack full context and are meaningless. GABRIEL GOLDBERG, Computers and Publishing [email protected]
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