Economic crisis a boon for "FT'


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As part of its strategy for balancing print and digital, the Financial Times decided to combine its news desks. This enables editors to present information in whichever medium seems most appropriate for a particular story, de Bono said. “One's not a direct substitute for the other, and I think we're seeing that in the fact that both the newspaper and digital activities are going up,” he said. “We have the opportunity to sell that audience attention to advertisers.” “Their Web site isn't just a repackaging of their print product,” Danzinger said. “So they have unique features online that you don't get in the print paper and vice versa.” Christopher Philip, chief experience officer of Doremus, said he chooses the Financial Times as a media buy both for its global perspective and its “top-notch” Web site. is similar to, he said, meaning its online readership mirrors its print demographics. “You can add on the FT to your campaign and know you are getting who you are expecting to in the international audience,” he said. Philip tapped the Financial Times when the CFA Institute, administrator of the Chartered Financial Analyst certification program, was looking to build brand awareness with C-level financial executives. “This is the go-to paper for international perspective,” he said. “For domestic reach, we still use financial dailies like The Wall Street Journal. But we use the FT to build frequency with those high-level executives globally. That's the real draw.” De Bono said that offering subscribers the option of buying the newspaper and digital either together or separately enables the Financial Times to provide advertisers with a variety of tailored packages. Such an approach, he said, helps ensure success in a competitive media market. “It's definitely a function of staying in touch with a market and how it's developing,” he said. “You can't say, "We have a model and that's great. Now, we just wait for it to grow,' because the world doesn't stand still long enough for that to work.” M
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