How edo Interactive streamlined marketing presentations

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Edo Interactive works as a conduit between banks that issue MasterCard and Visa credit cards and consumer brands. Its platform enables what it calls “Prewards.” With Prewards, an issuing bank can e-mail a consumer on behalf of Williams-Sonoma, for example, offering an instant $5 credit when he or she spends $50 worth of merchandise at the store using that same credit card. As a result, the company spends a great deal of time pitching its technology to new banks, consumer companies and potential investors.

A year ago, edo used PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Acrobat files to make its pitch to these three audiences, however there was a problem with this methodology, said Jonathan Dyke, edo’s COO: potential loss of intellectual property and competitive information. “We wanted a way to lock down our IP, and when you are sending out so many slides and decks, it’s just not possible,” he said. The company tried switching to online webinars, but it wasn’t a perfect fix. “We always ran into someone who said they couldn’t connect,” he said.

Additionally, the process of creating the slides and decks was very time-consuming, Dyke said, since suggested changes and edits often came from more than one person. “[It] used to be someone would send me a deck, I’d read it and say, ‘Change slide 7, paragraph 2 and 3,’ ” Dyke said. “It took a lot of effort and time to complete a new presentation or make changes to an existing one.”

Hoping to eliminate those problems, edo Interactive in May started using the software-as-a-service presentation application SlideRocket to create and share its sales, marketing and investment solicitations. Now, all the presentations are built and edited on a shared platform that lives online on Amazon’s S3 Internet Storage, Dyke said. This allows anyone in the office to work on a project at his or her own pace. The platform, which is compatible with Google Apps, supports the most common image files, as well as Flash and PowerPoint, so the company can leverage content it had already created.

Today, all edo Interactive’s presentations are shared securely via e-mail as a link. Potential investors and customers can view them, but they can’t forward or share them.

“We send it out as a link, and we can see exactly who is looking at it,” Dyke said. “SlideRocket’s analytics are very powerful, so we can see if they race through the first few slides and spend 10 minutes with a slide in the middle. We can prep our sales team to be ready to answer questions about that slide.”

Time is also less of an issue, he said. “From a productivity standpoint, it cuts [content] creation time in half,” Dyke said. “You don’t have to deal with e-mailing around a huge file. You work online, and you only have to deal with the parts that you need to deal with. It’s not a painful experience anymore.”

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