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Company: EDS, Plano, Texas
Agency: BBH, New York Market: Information technology buyers
Quick chase
: A series of banners that convey the kind of immediate response that disaster relief specialists or firefighters enabled with EDS technology can deliver concludes with a panel featuring the EDS logo and an invitation to click to learn more about its NOW initiative. A click leads to a superbly organized landing page that will easily exhaust the curiosity of the mildly curious visitor but will provide a wealth of information about EDS to someone thinking seriously about contracting for the company's services. EDS is an information technology company, and it demonstrates that it understands how IT can be effectively used to share important messages about itself with an audience. The landing page is the gateway to some of its well-produced TV spots, attractive print ads and persuasive case histories in which it demonstrates its expertise.
: This is a textbook case of how to effectively harness the power of multimedia to sell a product or service.
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