Eduardo Conrado, CMO-Broadband Mobility Solutions, Motorola Inc.

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Title: CMO-Broadband Mobility Solutions
Company: Motorola Inc.
Years in current job: 3
Quote: "When we look at our go-to-market mix, from PR to events to search engine marketing to advertising to direct marketing, at every touch point with the customer, we want to bring them to one of our Web properties."

In this economy, marketing is all about effective targeting, said Eduardo Conrado, CMO-Broadband Mobility Solutions at Motorola Inc. That's why he's leading the business unit's development of a more database-driven marketing approach, which is helping it target the most productive vertical segments.

"In the first half of the year, growth slowed in some of our key markets, including retail and some commercial markets," Conrado said. "We have really focused on the government and enterprise businesses. We are getting better data on law enforcement, fire and public safety."

Last year, Motorola debuted an integrated campaign called "Technology That's Second Nature," developed by BBDO New York. The campaign, which was continued this year, has an extensive online presence in the form of a virtual city where users can demo products.

Conrado said the campaign is providing Motorola with an excellent database of customers and prospects as they visit the site and test solutions. "We can profile potential customers and the solutions they want to hear about, and develop multitouch campaigns that are continuously being adjusted," he said.

For example, Motorola uses microsites, e-mails, white papers and social media to target prospects, then follows up responses with automated e-mails and personalized phone calls. "By being able to see the feedback from customers, we can test the headlines and the body [of e-mails] so we can adjust delivery based on the first part of the campaign," Conrado said.

To help with its database marketing, Motorola this year increased its CRM team fivefold, bringing in analytical talent and process-oriented experts. It also consolidated its product marketing teams into one group to provide a solution-oriented approach to vertical segments.

Previously, there were five product marketing teams within enterprise mobility, the business that Conrado oversees. Now, there is one product marketing group that focuses on government and enterprise markets.

"In the government business, we have very specific solutions for public safety, and, in the commercial business, we have solutions around transportation logistics," Conrado said. "In the middle, you have mobilized government enterprise. As the government is looking at automating its trucking fleets, for example, they can use some of our enterprise solutions."

Another big project under Conrado's direction was expanding's presence globally. This year, it rolled out local-content sites to 28 countries in 13 different languages. Now, more than half of the traffic to originates outside the U.S.

"If you do not have local content in local languages, you won't pick up search traffic from international sites," Conrado said. "It's not a sexy piece, but you have to do it to drive international traffic."

Conrado said Motorola will continue to increase its online presence across multiple platforms. "Digital sites have allowed us to create an immersive experience," he said. "[They] allow us to track, upsell and take a solution view. We want our customers for decades—not years."


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